News > Wohlhaupter 465(464)精细镗头现在可用
Wohlhaupter 465(464)精细镗头现在可用

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Christa Kettlewell

机械与工程, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing cutting 工具 for the metal-cutting industry, announces the expansion of Wohlhaupter boring 工具 offered with the launch of the 465 (464) series of fine boring heads. 这些内部平衡的精细镗头包括 3E科技 数字调整 以及模拟游标刻度调整. 一个3 e科技 数字读出可用于多种可适应的3E科技  包括VarioBore在内的镗头工具, 538(537)大直径卡带, 465(464)精镗头和定制工装解决方案.
The new 465 (464) fine boring heads have a full diameter range of 1.968” – 8.070” (50mm – 205mm) with the lightweight aluminum Alu-Line boring heads ranging from 2.559” – 8.070” (65.00mm – 205.00mm). 具有标准Wohlhaupter MVS连接, these boring heads provide the capability to adapt to any machine.
随着 VarioBore 3 e科技 工具 增加人气, the benefits of integrating this technology into other boring products became apparent. With the digital diameter adjustment located externally rather than internally, 可以利用最大的冷却剂压力, and there is no concern about damaging digital components inside the tool during operation.
在高产量环境中,比如航空航天, 汽车及重型装备行业, 客户只需要一个3E科技 module for all adaptable heads, which reduces machining costs. 具有内部自平衡机制, the tool remains stable throughout the tooling process and achieves tight tolerances and optimal surface finishes. 在诸如此类的行业中,精度是关键, the 465 (464) fine boring head can be trusted to maintain the quality required.
“Wohlhaupter has redesigned its entire balanced fine boring product offering with the expansion of the proven 3E科技 提供具有数字读数的具有成本效益的工具. The ability to use one digital readout module on the entire range of fine boring 工具 offers customers a digital solution at a lower cost and at no risk of damaging digital displays due to coolant, 芯片或其他未知力量. 3 e科技 module can be used for the entire range of fine boring 工具 such as VarioBore, 538(537)磁带, special step boring 工具 with more than one finish boring unit and now the 465 (464) balance series,弗兰克·M说。. 执行合伙人Wohlhaupter.

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